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Shifting pets across states can often feel like a right old palaver. We’ve been through the wringer ourselves, and after having a good squiz, we reckon we’ve found the best way to make it as smooth as sailing.

This yarn will walk you through how to transport your furry mates interstate via air, focusing on keeping it safe and above board. You’ll be chuffed you stuck around!

Key Takeaways

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Our Air Transport Services

We partner directly with Virgin to provide a seamless air transport service for your pet, ensuring a comfortable journey from your doorstep or to the airport. Our commitment is to guarantee that every pet flies safely in airline-approved crates, taking the stress out of interstate moves.

Interstate pet transport with Virgin

Partnering directly with Virgin, comprehensive interstate pet transport services are offered to ensure your furry mates enjoy a safe and comfortable trip across Australian states and territories.

A dedicated team manages every aspect of the journey, from booking to boarding, in compliance with the Interstate Air Transport Act of 1972. This attention to detail guarantees not only safety but also adherence to all regulatory requirements for pet transfers.

The service includes a door-to-door solution that looks after all of your pet’s travel needs. By using only airline-approved transport crates, it is ensured that pets are as relaxed as possible throughout their journey.

With more than 35 years of experience in transportation, trust is built on delivering an efficient and reliable service designed specifically for the welfare of pets during transit.

Every process is crafted to align with stringent regulations on live animal transport, prioritising their comfort and security above everything else.

Door to door or door to airport service

Moving on from a partnership with Virgin for interstate pet transport, there’s now an outstanding door to door or door to airport service available. This option is tailor-made to simplify your pet’s travel journey, aiming to keep it as stress-free as possible.

It involves picking up your furry mate from your home and ensuring they safely get on their flight. For those who prefer being directly involved upon arrival, the door to airport choice allows you to greet your pet right when they land.

The team manages all the ins and outs, including dealing with the requirements of non-emergency patient transport regulations 2016 and making sure everything’s set with airline-approved crates.

Such careful attention means that every phase of the journey, whether ending at a new home or at the airport, strictly follows safety standards while also looking into cutting down freight costs through smart management practices.

This approach brings predictability and reliability in delivery times. Opting for this service means putting one of the family’s most treasured members in experienced hands during what can often be a stressful period.

Safe and comfortable transport in airline approved crates

The priority is the safety and comfort of your pets during interstate air transport. They travel in airline approved crates, specifically designed to prevent any harm or discomfort.

These crates meet the rigorous standards set by airlines, ensuring they provide a secure environment for your furry friends throughout their journey.

Extra care is taken in packing these crates to avoid damage during transit. This careful preparation is part of the commitment to making sure your pet arrives safely at their destination, ready for the next step of their journey with you.

Requirements for Interstate Pet Transport

Making sure your pet can join you on your interstate move involves a few key steps. First, we need to check if your furry friend’s breed is cleared for air travel by Australian airline regulations.

Our team works closely with airlines to make sure all pets travel safely. However, it’s important to remember that some breeds have restrictions when flying on Australian airlines.

These limitations are often due to certain traits of the breed, like size or possible breathing problems during flight. We’re knowledgeable about these rules and can help you choose the right transport crate that gets airline approval for your pet’s breed.

It’s also key to understand age and vaccination requirements for a seamless travel experience. Puppies between 8-12 weeks need a Fit to Fly Certificate from a Registered Veterinary Surgeon, making sure they’re ready for their journey ahead.

Furthermore, all pets must be fully vaccinated according to the health standards of their destination. Our experts offer advice on how to meet these conditions so your pet can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free trip across states with us.

Understanding the significance of your pet’s health and safety during transport is paramount. Strict adherence to age and vaccination criteria for all pets travelling interstate is therefore essential.

  1. Age Requirement: Pets must be at least 8 weeks old before they can begin their air travel adventure. This policy ensures they are physically ready and have started their vaccinations.
  2. Vaccination Requirements: It’s mandatory for all pets to be current with their vaccines before transport. Key vaccinations include those against rabies, distemper, and parvovirus, which are vital in preventing these dangerous diseases from spreading.
  3. Health Documentation: Airlines demand proof that your pet is fit for travel. A veterinary surgeon must issue a health certificate for young animals aged between 8-12 weeks, verifying they’re suitable for air transport. Proof of up-to-date vaccinations is also required to meet both our standards and those of the destination.
  4. Fit to Fly Certification: For younger animals (aged 8-12 weeks), obtaining a Fit to Fly Certificate from a registered veterinary surgeon is obligatory. This document serves as additional confirmation that your young pet is healthy enough for air travel.
  5. Checking Destination Rules: It’s crucial to know the vaccine requirements specific to your pet’s destination as these may differ greatly. Additional vaccinations or health checks might be needed; consulting with a veterinary surgeon will ensure you’re well-prepared with detailed advice.

These measures are put in place not just to follow rules but fundamentally to safeguard the welfare of your cherished pet during their interstate journey.

Ensuring every furry mate has their ‘Fit to fly certificate’ before embarking on a flight is essential. This document plays a key role in confirming a pet’s health and safety during air travel.

It’s issued by a registered veterinary surgeon, reassuring that your cherished animal mate is in perfect health, up to date with all necessary jabs, and ready to take to the skies.

Obtaining this certificate requires a detailed check-up from a vet who specialises in these evaluations. They’ll give your pet a comprehensive examination to guarantee they’re prepared for the journey ahead.

This process doesn’t just adhere to airline rules but also provides you with the comfort of knowing your furry friend will enjoy a comfortable and safe flight.

If the pet does not have a travel container which meets their requirements or is not the right size the pet cannot travel. There are a number of important mandatory conditions that must be followed at all times – these are:

The size of the container is very important to the welfare of all pets being transported by Hunter Pet Motel these guidelines must be followed:

  • All pets must be able to stand with their head up unrestricted by the container; and
  • The pet must be able to turn around freely within the container.
  • Only Airline approved crates are to be used and NO older styles wire containers are acceptable.

Additionally, the container must:

  • Clean – all used crates must be clean.
  • Be in good repair and strong enough to withstand damage and ensure the pet cannot escape;
  • Be made of wood (only for International transport) or a polypropylene material;
  • Two-part rigid plastic containers must have the top and bottom (or side) parts secured by screws or nuts and bolts (not plastic clips).
  • All crates must be securely fitted with a water bowl relevant to the size of the crate
  • Have adequate ventilation;
  • Have escape proof hinges and latches and be adequately locked – NOT plastic clips;
  • All crates must have either mats, plastic flooring or a Wee type pad inside at all times so that no water or excreta can escape;
  • Not exceed a total weight of 65kgs when pet is included inside;
  • Not have any wheels attached;
  • Not be designed to collapse; and

crate info

  • When preparing crates for pet transport, you should always refer to the requirements of Virgin Cargo at
  • Ensuring that restricted breeds are not transported, additionally all transport crates must be clearly fitted with a crate tag that has the following information included:
    • Date,
    • Sender – name and contact Number
    • Receiver – Name and Contact Number
    • No of Items – ie if two crates they should be marked 1 of 2 and 2 of 2
    • Breed of Pet Travelling
    • Flight Details – include both flights if pet is travelling over multiple legs / destinations
    • AWB Empty – ONLY to be used if the crate is being sent empty to a destination in preparation of an upcoming move
    • AWB Number – for the current or active leg

Benefits of Our Professional Services

Our professional services ensure your pet travels safely and comfortably, complying with all airline regulations. Discover how we make relocation stress-free for both you and your beloved pet.

Experienced staff in pet transport industry

The team boasts extensive experience in the pet transport sector, delivering expertise in every job. Whether it’s crafting custom air freight solutions for animals or guaranteeing their safety during transit, they’re on top of it.

The staff are dedicated to offering dependable arrival times while ensuring visibility from start to finish.

Each member handles your pets with care, acknowledging the specific needs that animal transportation entails. Their knowledge doesn’t just reach industry standards—it surpasses them, making sure the move is hassle-free for both you and your furry friend.

With everything from selecting airline-approved crates to effortlessly navigating regulations, these skilled professionals have everything under control.

Stress-free relocation for your pet

Moving your furry mate across states can be a bit of a headache for both you and them. That’s why the focus is on making the move as easy and stress-free as possible. Every pet travels in transport crates approved by airlines, and strict age and vaccination rules are followed to the letter.

The experienced team knows how to handle every aspect of air transport, making sure your pet’s comfort and safety are top priorities during their trip.

Making sure your pet’s relocation goes smoothly also involves keeping you in the loop at all times. Working closely with vets to get a Fit to Fly Certificate when needed ensures there are no hiccups with airline regulations that could cause unexpected issues.

Trust that not only will your pet be delivered safely to their new home but so will your peace of mind, knowing they’re ready to start exploring their new surroundings with you.

Compliance with airline regulations

Ensuring your pet’s relocation goes smoothly, strict adherence to the airline regulations set by authorities like the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is maintained.

Taking great care in following these guidelines is critical for safety and compliance. The team ensures all pets travel in airline-approved crates, which is a key requirement for air transport.

Staying updated with any changes in interstate air transport licenses and standards is a top priority. This includes keeping informed on breed-specific restrictions, age limitations, and vaccination requirements that might affect your pet’s eligibility to fly.

Count on us to handle all the necessary paperwork and arrangements, ensuring your furry friend meets every regulation for a safe journey across Australian skies.

Comfortable and safe travel for your pet

Prioritising the comfort and safety of pets during their travels, each animal is transported in airline-approved crates to ensure they stay secure and relaxed throughout their journey.

The experienced team collaborates closely with medical professionals to meet all health requirements. This includes vaccinations and obtaining fit-to-fly certificates for younger animals, making sure the experience is stress-free for both pets and their owners.

The services go beyond mere transport; there’s a focus on providing comprehensive care that adheres to all regulations set by emergency services telecommunications authority, facilitating a smooth relocation process.

Discover why opting for this service for your pet’s interstate travel needs is a decision that will bring peace of mind.

Why Choose Us

We offer unparalleled expertise in interstate pet transport, ensuring your pet’s journey is both safe and comfortable. Our team works tirelessly to provide a stress-free experience for you and your pet, adhering strictly to airline regulations for a seamless relocation.

Our team excels in offering interstate pet transport, working closely with major airlines and carriers to ensure the safety and well-being of your pets during their journey. We focus on delivering a seamless service for you and your furry mates, collaborating closely with Virgin to provide air transport options that suit your specific needs.

Taking care of every detail, from ensuring crate sizes are proper to meeting breed-specific requirements and vaccination protocols, our aim is to make these transitions as smooth as possible.

With our expertise in couriers and freight, we strive to offer a stress-free relocation experience for both pets and owners. Our services strictly adhere to airline regulations while also being thoughtfully designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.

By managing all aspects of interstate air travel for pets—including necessary documentation like an Approved Fit to Fly Certificate—we remove the worry from your hands. Trust us with your pet’s transportation needs; we understand it’s more than just a trip; it’s about providing peace of mind for you while securing safe passage for them.

Transitioning from our specialised interstate pet transport, the integrity and dependability of our services stand out. We take pride in building trustworthy relationships with every client.

Our team works around the clock, offering 24/7 door-to-door service, ensuring your pets are always in safe hands.

With over three decades of transportation experience under our belt, we place great importance on providing secure and reliable air freight solutions for your furry friends. Every member of our staff brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, complemented by comprehensive insurance coverage for all types of cargo.

Trust us to handle your pet’s travel needs with professionalism and care.

Moving away from our well-regarded and dependable offerings, it’s crystal clear that the cornerstone of our success stems from possessing a team filled with knowledgeable and seasoned professionals.

Each member brings to the table extensive experience in air freight solutions management, including the meticulous handling of sensitive items like hazardous materials and lithium batteries with utmost care.

They guarantee that every pet is transported safely and comfortably, abiding by strict airline standards.

Our crew collaborates closely with clients to craft effective air transportation strategies, showcasing their adeptness at navigating international customs and duties. This expertise also extends to properly packing freight to avoid any damage whilst in transit.

It’s this proficiency that enables us to provide seamless door-to-door or door-to-airport services for your pet’s upcoming interstate venture.

Leveraging experienced and knowledgeable staff ensures that pet travel goes beyond merely getting from one point to another; it’s about making the entire journey stress-free and as comfortable as possible.

The door-to-door service epitomises this commitment, managing everything from pick-up at your home to delivery at the destination, be it another residence or an airport. There’s no need to deal with multiple couriers or freight companies because all aspects of air transport are handled efficiently.

This seamless process simplifies what could otherwise be a complex arrangement, saving time and sparing frustration.

Aiming to serve as an extension of your family by offering tailored solutions that directly cater to individual needs means entrusting interstate travel duties ensures peace of mind, knowing they’re in safe hands every step of the way.

With door-to-door service, predictability and reliability stand out front, guaranteeing not just convenience but also fulfilling the promise of comfort and safety for your beloved pet throughout their journey.

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